May 02

One of the 50 prettiest towns in the Nation!

By wgwalker | Uncategorized recently published its list of the 50 prettiest towns in the U.S., one for each state.  No surprise, Monterey is just that for the state of Virginia.  Also ranked high is Hermann, MO which is where we were looking before we moved to North Carolina and then on the Monterey!!

Guess we are getting pretty good at finding beautiful towns.

Terri and I love it here and welcome all of our potential guests to take a look at the calendar and book your night or weekend.



Apr 05

New Maple Syrup Special

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With the end of Maple Festival, we are now offering a special of FREE quart of maple syrup with a 2 night minimum stay.  In addition one of the breakfasts we serve will include pancakes, pastured sausage, free-range eggs and warm maple syrup.  Also, we will provide a tour of a local sugar house.  They will likely not be boiling at the sugar house, but you can see all of the equipment and the process of turning sugar water into maple syrup.

Jan 25

When you SKI at Snowshoe make Trimble B&B Monterey your headquarters

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We have prepared the above ad for Facebook and will be running it soon.

When you plan a skiing trip to Snowshow, make the Trimble House and Monterey your headquarters for prepping to go and recovering after your trip.  Great sleep, wonderful food and special ski and stay rates.  20% off during the week for all Snowshoe skiers.

From Monterey, Snowshoe is 49 miles and 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Here is a map that shows the route:

  1.     Go south on US- 220 for 3.9 Miles
  2.     Turn right on Mill Gap Road, VA- 84 and travel 14.8 miles to the        West Virginia Border.
  3.     Continue on VA- 84 to WV-92
  4.     Turn Right and travel North on WV-92 for 10.9 miles
  5.      Turn left and travel West on WV-66 for 11.0 miles.
  6.       Turn right on Snowshow Drive for 3.5 miles
Jan 17

Come to the Mountains…

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When you come to Monterey, Virginia, you come to the mountains.

This sign on Route 250 is just beyond Confederate Breastworks.  It briefly tells the story of Highland County.  In this picture Monterey is beyond the 3rd line of mountains.  But it is only 19 miles and takes us exactly 30 minutes to drive from this point to Monterey.

Years ago, John Muir said this about mountains: ” Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home.”

We welcome you to our mountains!

Dec 07

Break Away to Monterey … TODAY!

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Why not… You know how restful and relaxing an over the weekend stay can be.

Everyone needs a time to think, a time to touch base with who they really are.

At the Trimble House, we have prepared rooms with out the distractions of TVs and with the relaxation of peaceful quiet.

Dec 07

New Trimble House Web Site

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As mwaynes-einkorn-005any of our friends in Monterey realize, Terri and I have purchased the Trimble House from Katie Gwin.  This is the new Trimble House website.  There is also a Facebook page at Trimble House Bed and Breakfast.

It has taken us a couple of months to unpack everything, purchase new beds and begin to organize the Trimble House for new guests.  We are advertising on AirBnB and will soon add listings on VRBO and Trip Report.

Terri is continuing her now very part-time work at the Warm Springs Inn.  But most of the time we are working to organize everything here in Monterey.  I (Wayne) am also busy planning spring gardens and chickens.  Our goals is to make our Breakfast fare completely free of normal SAD diet chemicals and additives.

For example, the above picture is of an artisan loaf of sourdough Einkorn Bread I have learned to craft.  Einkorn is the original wheat.  Its chromosome makeup goes back thousands of years.  The bread is tasty and nutty.  Best of all, for those with gluten sensitivities, the bread can be generally eaten without harmful effects. It makes great toast and especially good with a slice of cheddar cheese.

Watch for a coming announcement of our open house.