About Us

Trimble House Bed and Breakfast is all about good and real food, and learning about it, and enjoying it.  Over the years, Terri and I have learned the importance of the Biblical promise of “health in the navel” and “marrow in the bones.”  For those reasons, we are largely what we eat.  But we are also what we think, what we imagine and what we visualize.  As Stephen Covey wrote, “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”

We have a lot of information, recipes and experiences to share.  We hope you will subscribe to our newsletter (once all of that is set up) and join our effort to change the way the world thinks about health.  In the meantime, we have a new Facebook post that shows one of us preparing a loaf of Einkorn bread for baking.

Award-winning, freshly ground, Einkorn wheat, sourdough artisan bread

Posted by Trimble House Bed and Breakfast on Thursday, January 26, 2017