When you SKI at Snowshoe make Trimble B&B Monterey your headquarters

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Jan 25

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When you plan a skiing trip to Snowshow, make the Trimble House and Monterey your headquarters for prepping to go and recovering after your trip.  Great sleep, wonderful food and special ski and stay rates.  20% off during the week for all Snowshoe skiers.

From Monterey, Snowshoe is 49 miles and 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Here is a map that shows the route:

  1.     Go south on US- 220 for 3.9 Miles
  2.     Turn right on Mill Gap Road, VA- 84 and travel 14.8 miles to the        West Virginia Border.
  3.     Continue on VA- 84 to WV-92
  4.     Turn Right and travel North on WV-92 for 10.9 miles
  5.      Turn left and travel West on WV-66 for 11.0 miles.
  6.       Turn right on Snowshow Drive for 3.5 miles

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